We Are Minder boss man Mr Fudson comes up trumps this month with a tidy mix to get your feet movin’ just in time for the weekend.


The mix has been shaped by the sounds that are exciting him at the minute whether current or from the past. Each track is proving an influence on most of his recent production works, which you can find on his Soundcloud. The mix covers a variety of techno and house all with the intention of making you dance!


Short and sweet write up this month however we have everything booked up till the end of the year but as always if you want to get involved drop us a message at contact@weareminder.com or get in touch through our Facebook.




DJ Koze - XTC

Axel Boman - 1979

Youandewan - Verloren

Closer Music - Departures

Teteleptra & Abell - SHV6

Mr Fudson - Beef Twittare

Ryoma Takemasa - Untitled 3.4

Trilogy - Heaven

Endian - People

Astronomar - Starekase

P.O.L Style - Saw 2

Lanark Artefax - The Angel Problem


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