To round off the month of September we have a special guest mix from Deltason. We first stumbled across Deltason (the track ’Back To Earth’ specifically) by accident when browsing through Soundcloud one day listening to variety of chill/ambient music from Scotland. We were not disappointed by what we heard and immediately knew we needed to get him on board to create something special for us and that he certainly has.


Deltason is the musical alias of Stuart Cameron. Currently based in Edinburgh, originally from Falkirk, he has been producing his own music since 2006, often working in collaboration on projects, with other musicians and friends.


His music is a mixture of atmospheric synth electronica, ambient textures and glitch drum beats, combined with sampling of recorded acoustic instruments and effects. He has released music through labels such as Section 27, and Acousmatic Records, recently contributing to the collaborative Ministry of Defence project on De-Fence records, and has remixed artists such as Neotropic and Capitals.


The mix which clocks in at just under an hour is a selection of tracks that Stuart is currently listening to, musical influences, as well as one of his own tracks. Stuart is currently working on a follow up release to 2012’s ‘Solar Phases’ album. Keep an eye on his Facebook and Soundcloud for when this is coming out.



The Host - Perinatal Imprinting

IG88 - Gateway Hug

Alphabets Heaven - Fornia

Araya - Marukamis’ Kangaroo Zoo

Solar Bears - Interzone

Ministry of Defence - Empyrean Helix

Boxcutter - Sunrise Funk

Koloto - Mechanica

Infinite Scale - Union of Particles

Wax Stage - Ascension

Romare - Motherless Child

Hiatus - Still

Super Colour Future - Arcadia Beach

Deltason - Ground Loop

Steve Cobby - Big Wow


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