Minder 045 takes us stateside once more, with a special guest mix from New Jersey native Jayson Neville aka Marsh Sound.  He has been producing a variety of tracks over the course of the last ten years and as he says himself is inspired by the swamp that's behind his home.


His music verges on beyond classification and floats about the dark edges of trap, electronica & juke/footwork and includes elements of many more styles.  He has contributed tracks to numerous compilations including 'Just for Me' on Kolossus Records & 'Cave Cricket' on Gamera Records.


The mix he has sent us doesn't need much in the way of an introduction, clocking in at 32 mins it is short and sweet but features some real gems from the likes of Machinedrum, Lil' Texas & closes with 'Cave Cricket' one of his own tracks.


In other news we have a some live shows this week with Mr Fudson taking over the selections for 'YARD the DJCAD New Designers 2016 Fundraiser' in Dundee, get along on Tuesday night for a selection of good tunes and friendly banter, anyway enough waffle, on with the music.





SOV Feat Raava - Siberia / Birth

Machinedrum - Eyesdontlie

Fracture - Overload

Doctor Jeep & Tony Quattro - Torpedo

Lil' Texas - Battle Royal

Moresounds - Pure Niceness

Homebodi - Firearm

DJ Boy Drama - No Means No

DJ W3C - 100 TBs Fiber

Lil' Texas - Gangsta Boo Club Rhythm

Alfred English - It Me

Oshirijima - Lets Dance

Ducky - Ravetool 6

DØT - Smiley

Lil' Merica - Bloodclot

Marsh Sound - Cave Cricket



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