We would like to welcome our next guest DJ to contribute a mix to the minder project Naise.  When we had the opportunity to get her in to do a guest mix for us we couldn’t wait and want to thank her for what she has put together for us, it’s every bit as good as we hoped.


A little bit of bio to get us started, Naise (short for Mayonnaise) hails from the far-away lands of New Zealand.  She has been DJing in clubs for almost 10 years across both Melbourne and London cities.  Currently she co-runs the CDR nights in London at Dance Tunnel, and also co-hosts a monthly show on NTS Radio.  With a long-list of support slots for artists from around the world, from Ron Trent to Ben UFO, Mosca to Maurice Fulton, Lunice to Loefah, and many more she is quickly rising not only within the London scene but the UK scene as a whole.


Here’s what she had to say about the mix she put together:


“I find planning and recording mixes 10x harder than playing in clubs, so therefore decided to tackle this slightly differently, playing as I would in a bar/club with no planning or fore-thought. So here it is, just me, in the moment, with a bunch of my favourite records, cup of tea in hand, having lots of fun raving with the brick wall in my living room.”


If you are in or around London or the next couple of weeks, you can catch her playing at the following nights: -

- Thursday 26th November w/ Marcellus Pittman at Dance Tunnel

- Thursday 5th December at The Old Blue Last












Delusion of Men - We’re Watching [Future Nuggets]

Payfone - Padre, Pray For Us [Golf Channel]

Blasé - Downtown Salad [ESP Institute]

Ruf Dug - Guybrush Threepwood Does DMT And Goes Paragliding At Sunset [Cosmic Pint Glass]

Pender Street Steppers - M Flight [Peoples Potential Unlimited]

Chas Jankel - Glad To Know You [A&M]

A Band Called Flash - People’s Place [Future Vision]

Lauer - Gammelan [Permanent Vacation]

Duke Slammer - Bangkok Skytrain [Cosmic Pint Glass]

Mr Beatnick - Marshmallows [Tief]

M5K - Marcy Ave Parlay [Voyage]

Nacho Patrol - Ghetto Compressor [M Division]

Rhythm (Wolf Muller Remix) - Africane 808 [Golf Channel]

The Maghreban - Smack [Versatile]

Sound Stream - Sweep Magic [Sound Stream]

Fantastic Man - Animal Language [Fine Choice]

Waffles - Uganda [Waffles]





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