Dj DeLish is now well on his way to becoming an important staple of the ballroom scene. Gaining attention in a scene where attention is almost everything can’t be easy but here he is with his latest release 1996 on ballroom label Pumpdabeat and playing events, radio shows and balls in more than just his native Philadelphia. January also saw him lay claim to one of FACTs ‘10 club producers to watch in 2016’ spots. Check the links below to download 1996 as well as keep up to date with what he is doing next and where he’ll be.


It is thought that ballroom culture began in 1960’s Harlem through LGBTQ community events hosted by marginalised black and latino men. Feeling shunned from the white drag scene where men of colour rarely won the pageant, they organised their own balls where larger than life attire, characters and dancing became the order of the day. Men would compete against one another to prove how real they were through catwalks and dance offs.


Today the balls have evolved to include battles for titles and trophies in categories that reflect the diversity of gender roles, fashion and dance styles of the culture. Another important part of the scene is the community element that comes in the form Houses. As certain balls grew in popularity and regularity the organising and hosting of them would be accredited to specific figures and crews who would go on to identify themselves as a ‘House’ borrowing the terminology from the world of fashion. To many who felt alienated to what was going on around them, finding a House and the ballroom scene at large provided them with an important support structure which nurtured artistic talent and development. Many houses now span the globe with chapters found as far away as Tokyo.


Minder 054 submitted by DJ DeLish perfectly encapsulates the energy and pace of ballroom while showcasing some of his own material. It’s a rapid statement proclaiming his importance to the genre and dance music as a whole.



Shuffle- DJ DeLish

SAW (Remix)- DJ MikeQ

House Soul Shaker- DJ Spider

Twisted Fiction- GRRL

Erotica (House of E DUB)- House of E

Siamese (EyeAmCunt) Instrumental/Vocal Mix- DJ DeLish

Piano Rage- DJ DeLish

P'casso (Remix)- DJ MikeQ\DJ Spider

Melba's LSS (Bok Bok Remix)- Vjuan Allure

The ('03) Ha- DJ DeLish

My Glasses - DJ DeLish

Boump Ha- Vjuan Allure

Vaginal Discord- DJ DeLish

7/11 (Bootleg Remix) x Me No Speak Americano (Angel X Dub) - Byrell The Great






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