In 1969 G.C Coleman from 'The Winstons' recorded a drum break on Amen the B-Side to the 7" single Colour Him Father, that would become one of the most important and recognisable samples within modern music.  The amen break would initially become an integral part of hip-hop and then later a variety of others genres including jungle, drum & bass and breaks/breakbeat. It seems fitting that last year after having never received any royalties or credit for the use of the amen break that a GoFundMe campaign raised over £24,000 for Mr Coleman which is probably a drop in the ocean compared to what he would have received if he had claimed for every use of his recording.


You can listen to the original break here, the loop starts at 1.26.


The reason that we are talking about the amen break is due to it's importance to our next guest mix.


Minder fifty eight is from Goatboy and is his third contribution for weareminder.  It covers an 90 mins of some of the best older from the likes of Meat Katie, Koma & Bones and also some newer breaks from the likes of Scotland's own Hostage.


Hope you enjoy the mix and we're looking forward to a massive summer coming up with some stellar guest mixes, another couple of events and the launch of label proper.



Meat  Katie - A Delicate Moment

Filter - Take A Picture (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)

Athur Baker & Rennie Pilgrem - Dancing In My Head

Hostage - Desire

Koma & Bones - Twisted Streets

Layo & Bushwacka - Deep South

Colombo - Kinship

Koma & Bones - Powercut

Flipside & Bangor - Pulsar

Stanton Warriors - Superstar (Martin Horger Remix)

Colombo - Part Of Me

Freakazoids - What Is A DJ 2012

Koma & Bomes - Deadbeat

Colombo - Do It Now

The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Out & Run Space Booty Remix)




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