This weeks guest mix comes all the way from down under.  After sitting on this one for a bit of time we’re really happy to share this one with you all.


Dave Mack is a DJ and record collector from Melbourne, Australia. He's been DJing around the increasingly vibrant Melbourne scene for over 10 years now.  Never quite having the time for production, he's tended to focus his creativity on putting together some excellent mixtapes from a wide variety of styles.


"While I very much enjoy playing to a crowd at bars and parties, I love mixtapes because they provide an opportunity to create a soundscape and enhance the mood for all sorts of different situations and places.  Also, they give you a chance to tell a story through the medium of other people’s music."


With that in mind, this mix is designed for those steamy hot afternoons where you decide to take a laptop and a few beers outside to the garden (in Australia this seems reasonable, in the artic tundra of Scotland we’d maybe go for the couch and getting the heating on) to do some online shopping.  After a while, an unexpected sun-shower comes through.  The rain is nice at first, but then the sky darkens, and the temperature drops a few degrees forcing to cancel your online shopping plans. But that doesn’t matter because now you’re drunk, hazy, slightly soaked and ready for a bit of a dance. Oh and look, now the sun’s back. Brilliant!




Mike Herting - Algodoal [1990] [veraBra Records]

Michael Turtle - Maid of the Mist [198?] [Music From Memory]

Kazumi Watanabe - Tsuru-Kame Hinatango [1985] [Gramavision]

James Pants - My Body [2015] [Stones Throw Records]

Software - Island-Sunrise [1988] [Innovative Communication]

Merge - You’re My Best Friend [1994] 535451

Flat Static - Bail Out The Pig [1985] [Ruff Records]

Wu15 - Space and Time [2015] [Eglo Records]

Dreamboat - Special Kiss (Tom Noble Remix) [2013] [Cosmic Chronic]

Olivier Rogg - Final [1988] [Major Problems]

Soichi Terada - Binary Rondo [1993] [Rush Hour Recordings]

Mark Barrott ‎– Cascades [2016] [International Feel Recordings]

ORM + Kamilie - Tropic [1985] [Panton]

Flyer ‎– Get Back Your Love (Samo Edit) [2015] [Public Possession]

Maria Minerva - These Days [2011] [Not Not Fun Records]

Elitechnique - Private Beach [2012] [Clone Loft Supreme Series]

Joël Fajerman & Jan Yrssen - Asteroide [1978] [Because Music]

The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulonimbus Mix) [1991] [Island Records]

Jayda G - Dreamstate [2016] [Freakout Cult]

House of Dad - Water Diviner [2016] [House Of Dad]

Steven Julien - Marie [2016] [Apron Records]

Hiatus Kaiyote - By the Fire [2015] [Flying Buddha]

Jeff Phelps - On the Corner [1985] [Engineered For Sound]

Nohelani Cypriano - O'Kailua [1978] [Strut]

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Shadows on the Ground [1983] [Alfa Records, Inc]

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