We've had a bit of time off again to get our party on with Sparky who came across to play his amazing live show at The Mash House last Friday.  We would like to say a massive thanks to all the dancers who came along and made it a special night.


We are back with a guest mix from Willem Defriend, bringing together tracks from the worlds of Jungle, DnB, Trap, Zouk Bass and everything in between.  This is definitely a mix to fire on if you are needing to get fired up for a night out.


Anyway enough of a write up, lets get on with the music.  Enjoy!



DJ Boy Drama - Reacquainted

Blackstar feat. Top Cat - Kunta Kinte (Original Junglist)

Roni Size - All The Crew Big Up (Lick '95)

LV & Joshua Idehen - Double Decker Back Seat

Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows

Opal Block - Train

Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole

Gremlinz & No Rules - Water

Villem and McLeod - Putting Down Roots

Reds feat Delhi Sultanate - Fever (Extended Original Mix)

Gunge - iNCUB8

Engaged Kobra - Clock

SaBBo - Talking Doll

Radiohead - Where Bluebirds Fly

Dark Artz - Rhythmstar

Lorn - Automaton

Parc En Ciel - King of Sevens

JSTJR - Cerveja

blue 白衣イロハ

Machinedrum - Neujack

Mr. Carmack -Hopscotch

SaBBo - Slow Hello

Mogwai - Rano Pano (Klad Hest - Mogwai Is My Dick Remix)

Terry Urban - Give Up The Money


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