With the dust not long settled on their last evening with MR TC (Optimo Music) Babadisco are set to welcome Disco Halal proprietor Moscoman to Stereo in Glasgow on Friday the 11th of November.


Having found the label before the man we were excited for ‘A Shot In The Light’, Moscoman’s debut album.  His appreciation of world and traditional, eastern music is clear.  Disco Halal is evident of that alone.  It therefore came as no surprise to hear the steel drums of opening track Nineteen Eighty-Two.  While the album doesn’t lose sight of this influence it makes clear its intentions of being for the dancefloor.  As I’m sure Moscoman will on the 11th.


Behind the booking and Babadisco is Marshall Brill.  In January he’s set to return to French label The Exquisite Pain Recordings with a new 12 inch EP.  This new release, Cityspeak, offers up some timeless house music, alongside tracks which wouldn’t seem out of place on a MR TC or Moscoman record.  Not long before his first Exquisite Pain release Waves, Marshall helped Glasgow label West End Communications start the year off with his limited press Cafe Del Marsh EP.  It’s a record which like ‘A Shot In The Dark’ makes clear it’s influences.  This record sincerely sounds as if it could have been released thirty plus years ago in the genre’s hardware-only infancy.  In the coming year Marshall is hoping to not only produce timeless music but also release it himself as plans to create his own label begin to take shape.  As demos, original productions and edits begin to build up for Marshall the label has a bright future ahead of it.  For more, be sure to arrive early at Stereo on November 11th.




Moscoman - Mexican Cola Bottle Baby [ESP Institute]

Fantastic Man - Trance Sexual [Superconcious Records]

Dimitri Veimar - Lips [Renate Schallplaten]

Marshall Brill - TTA [Unreleased]

Jex - Studio E [Running Back]

Zombies In Miami - Calo [Love On The Rocks]

Red Axes - Avalon [Correspondant]

Hotel Lauer - Sanger [(Emotional) Especial]

Lindstrom ‎– I Feel Space [Feedelity]

Man Power - Tachyon (DJ Tennis Remix) [Me Me Me]


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