We've been busy putting together the finishing touches to our next club night at The Mash House in February and we'll be announcing full details next weekend, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media outlets and the website.


As the first installment of our final two mixes for December, we have a second guest mix of the year from the same man who kicked it off in January, Mahkee Mahkee.


If you enjoyed the first mix then this one should be right up your street and is every bit as abstract as the first mix with a selection of alternative electronics before finishing off with a selection of bass heavy tracks.


As seems to be the case with every Mahkee Mahkee mix it comes with a short poem, this time it comes from Robert Gambol who in 1732 was musing about the soul after death and said:


"Unbounded in its ken, from prison free

Will clearly view what here we darkly see:

Those planetary worlds, and thousands more,

Now veil'd from human sight, it shall explore."




Animallattice - Caroline K [Earthly Delights]

Tuff Whisper - Gila [XL Records]

Ulex Pattern 4 - Dale Cornish [Entr'acte]

Robotic Handshakes in 4D - Zuli [UIQ]

Dat Icy Breath In My Neck - Hajj [Brothers from Different Mothers]

Uhura - Patrick Cowley [Dark Entries]

No Mistake - Alberich [Hospital Productions]

September - Matthew Herbert [Accidental]

Such Is Life - Cosey Fanni Tutti [Conspiracy International]

Drain Melsh - Leven Signs [Unlikely Records]

Reedisblue - Bluereed [Fragil Musique]

Piste Jaune - Simo Cell [Dnuos Ytivil]

JP - Gaunt [Mistry]

Redemption - WWWINGS [Symbol Recordings]

Draw For The... - Laksa [Mistry]

Bleeper Feed (Original Mix) - Batu [Dnuos Ytivil]

Backdraft - Wen [Tectonic]

Dam (Akkord Remix) - Djrum [2nd Drop Records]

Undulate - Denham Audio [HERETIC]

Planet Caravan (Chopped & Slowed by Geng) - Black Sabbath [White]

Car Moloz (Original Mix) - Dan Habarnam [Clubwerks]

Selfish - Andy Stott [Modern Love]

Iguana Love Bite - N1L [UIQ]

Semi-Automatic - Clatterbox [TRUST]

A1 - Rian Treanon [The Death of Rave]

Remainder I - Lanark Artefax [UIQ]

Roll Off /S - Rhythm & Sound [Rhythm & Sound]

Last Words of Hassan I Sabbah - William S. Burroughs (Overlay) [Am Here Books]


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