Our the path few months we've had some excellent guest mixes from many corners of the world and we're continuing in that vain with our first mix from South America, Argentina to be precise.


Whitestep is Lucho Fioramonti, hailing from Córdoba, Argentina his passion for music started early on, producing hip hop beats and writing rap for his act with his cousin in his teens.  After being a part of the rap scene for a couple years he focused on electronic music first with drum and bass at the turn of the decade before moving on to house and world music afterwards.


Whitestep takes us on an excellent journey of musical discovery in all forms, featuring rhythms and grooves from the world all over, which are focused on dancing.

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Susso - Keira (Intro)

Tornado Wallace - Voices

Nicola Cruz - La Mirada

Kurup - Colar de Concha

Dengue Dengue Dengue - Remolinera Real

Mercedes Nasta - Paricutin (El Búho Edit)

Thomash & Projeto Mujique - Cosmosamba

Caetano Veloso - Guá (Pigmalião & Facchi Rework)

Salvador & ElPeche - Orvalho

Matanza & Oceanvs Orientalis - La Luna Y El Lobo (History of Colour Expedition)

Arutani - El Canto Del Orinoco

Gilberto Gil - Umeboshi (Gerra G Edit)

Voodoocuts - The Tortoise Loop

Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo - Eme Lelu (Kill Emil Edit)

The Silvertones - Tamborito Swing

Gnonnas Pedro Et Ses Panchos - Okpo Videa Bassouo

Sonora Casino - Astronautas A Mercurio


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