Since 2014 Teddy Hannan and Correlate have helmed Phazed at Dundee’s small town club, The Reading Rooms. An early adopter of dance floor sheikh-er, Denis Sulta, the boys have proven themselves more than capable of booking the right act at the right time. Be that of emerging (now fully emerged) talent like Sulta or latest guest xxxy.


If you’re heading along on the 18th of March for xxxy you’re definitely in for a treat. A name that’s likely to prick the ears of older heads, xxxy has been producing for the dance floor for over a decade now. Originally taking what was left of garage and moulding it into something that was less about posing in your Gucci loafers with your Remy Martin and more about getting sweaty with your pals. Nowadays his set’s may have evolved to encompass more styles but the mindset remains the same: make the people move.


Prior to the main act you’d do well to get in line and make sure you catch Correlate (more from him on Minder soon) and our very own special guest for Minder 76, Teddy Hannan. Having held posts at a number of nights in Dundee, Teddy now has an expert knack for the right track. His comfort zone certainly lies in those moments where drinks are thrown everywhere as hands are launched high which make his offering for us now a bit more special. The mixing and selection of no. 76 is measured as we approach the halfway point, much like you’d expect in a warm up then passing into the second half things begin to elevate. A mix that takes the span of a night out and orchestrates it into a neat commute or pre night out friendly 49 minutes. Enjoy!



Bonobo - Bambro Koyo Ganda (feat. Innov Gnawa)

M.A.N.D.Y. - Whisper (Feat. BAM) [Dubspeeka Version]

Jun Kamoda - The Clay

xxxy - Short Wave

Human Machine - Africa

Luca Lozano - The Faith

Melé – Sleepless

Cowboy Rhythmbox - Mécanique Sauvage

Hoshina Anniversary - Soy

Retro/Grade - Moda

Kornél Kovács - Dance... While the Record Spins



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