Andrew Puusa aka Andrew Allsgood came to our attention through an early guest mix for the Krossfingers podcast and his style and track selections clicked with us instantly.  After stalking him (in the nicest way) through Soundcloud and listening to every mix on his page we decided that we needed to get him involved somehow.  Luckily, he obliged our request and sent us over a mix that’s packed to the gunwales with excellent tracks.


The Toronto native and West Coast transplant DJ and producer has been turning heads, opening ears and making bodies move for 20 years - managing to stay ahead of emerging sounds and trends all the while.


As a teen growing up in the suburbs of T.O., his music addiction took full hold and Andrew’s musical destiny was established.  Never able to walk by a record shop without combing through the bins, his record collection bloomed! Devoting the majority of his waking hours to playing drums in a variety of garage/basement punk bands, the teen-hedonist included skateboarding, graffiti and making mix tapes filled with rock, hip-hop, dance music, funk, blues and all sorts of musical goodies to be gotten down to at late-night sub-urban house parties as priorities in his young life!


His skills, varied sets and fine-tuned ability to read and rock a crowd, plus his uncompromising selections have landed him gigs in the most innovative of Toronto clubs, with residencies including Glide, Synchro and his long running Fascination monthly – one of the first electro and nu-disco nights in Canada.


From a production point of view ; as one half of The Free Association along with Alister Johnson they have been responsible for several records since 2012 which tick all the boxes for us with their Balearic, Post-Punk, Funk & Disco infused tracks and Edits.


Andrews’s solo releases on Truffle Music are equally as enjoyable and would fit in to almost any set that you would expect to hear at a Minder night.


It’s a pleasure for us to share this next guest mix with you and hope you enjoy it as every bit as much as we have been for the last month or so.


Amberoom - Hover (Guitar Beatless Mix)

Peggy Gou - Gou Talk

Harvey Southerland - New Paradise

Freddy Fresh - Mortuary

LAARS - None

The Black Madonna - A Jealous Heart Never Ends

Woolf Vs Projections - Not My Lover (Benjamin Frohlich Uptown Mix)

Don Pascal - Tumbao

Nina Simone - African Mailman

Lemur - Hunk Of Heaven

Fuga Ronto - L'uomo invisible (Original Mix)

Marcos Valle - Estrelar

The Black Madonna - Venus Requiem

LD Nero - Special

Rob Mello feat. Cecile - Fantasize (No Ears Dub)

Kola Kube - Why (Joey Negro Block Party Mix)

Simian Mobile Disco - Cuel Intentions (Maurice Fulton Remix)

Noo - Rainbow Road


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