It was during a marathon set for this years Dundee Dance Event that McCool met Fudson. Very quickly we realised we’d found another entry for our ever growing series. After a number of missed opportunities a CD finally made it’s way to us via mutual friend and soon to be record shop proprietor Tom Le Freak. Without giving away too much about the mix, this is what McCool had to say about what shaped him and where he’s from -


“So I started listening to hip-hop at an early age through the teachings of my big brother. But instead of focusing on the MC I was more interested on what was going on behind the decks and fell in love with the idea of turntablism. Listening to all the usual suspects such as Dj Format, Cut Chemist, Kid Koala, Rjd2.  As I got older and started hitting the clubs (early 2000s) it was a never ending search for d&b which in turn re-sparked the need to own a set of decks. My first setup was a second hand pair of technic 1210s mrk2. Loved them. Still miss them! After only mixing for a few months I got a gig in Edinburgh for a night in GVR called Fusion. It was an anything goes kind of night playing d&b, dubstep, house, techno.... after playing a drum and bass set I ended up gravitating towards the epic sounds of techno for the rest of the night. To which I have mainly been mixing ever since. About 2004 I had to sell my decks as I didn’t really have the chance to practice so I didn't have the courage to start up any nights. Finally after a few years I got some new decks this time Pioneer 850k’s and a 750s mixer. Just before moving up to Dundee I played a few times in the Fubar and Dusk, Stirling's two nightclubs. Now that I’m settled in Dundee I think it’s about time I got the ball rolling here.”


Mix 84, McCool.



1. Alan Junior - It's time to dance together

2. Andrea Tufo - SpaceFunk (original mix)

3.Alex Raider,Steve Moro - Industrail Funk (Alex Raider Remix)

4.Anhanguera - Changes Changin'  (Original mix)

5.Angelo Ferreri - Man in soul (Original mix)

6.Block & Crown - Let it roll man (Original mix)

7.Hatiras - This is Disco

8.Chocolate Dice - Revert (Main)

9.Jack Kerouak - That's how Jazz is

10.Gesaffelstien - Aufstand (Original mix)

11.Lack of Afro - Numero Seenko

12.Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (Drop out Orchestra Rework)

13.Angelo Scalici - Gonna be like (Original mix)

14.Afro Carrib - Big Industry (Hey Jack mix)


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