Minder 088 comes from Andrea Mackintosh who co-owns and runs podcast series, club night and digital label Hypnotic Groove.  Created in 2013 by Andrea and partner Johnny Wilson, Hypnotic Groove started life as a mix series, uploading exclusive mixes from DJ's and producers from around the world on their Soundcloud channel.


In May 2015 Hypnotic Groove launched their digital label and later that year they launched their club night, which has become a very popular fixture within Inverness night life.  The club nights have played host to a number of respected DJ's/producers such as Christian S, Imre Kiss and Perth Drug Legend to name a few.


This year Andrea has DJ'd alongside Johnny as Hypnotic Groove at a number of events such as Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival and Groove.


The mix clocks in at just under an hour and features tracks from the like of Clouds, Seph, Space Industries Collective & many more.



1. Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence

2. Clouds - Wolverhampton

3. Radial - Asiel

4. Komarken Electronics - Early Mornings (Delta Funktionen


5. Seph - Rom

6. Craft - T/FD/WI/E

7. Dark Sky - Kilter (Zenker Brothers remix)

8. Space Industries Collective - Falling Light

9. Hodge & Peder Mannerfelt - All My Love

10. Milton Bradley & Bloody Mary - Tales From Space

11. Interstellar Funk - Caves of Steel (Convextion remix)

12. ROD - Nitecollage



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