Minder 089 comes from Canadian based DJ & Producer Aso Ani.


She currently co-runs the Jock Jams show with Ryan Pierre on N10.as (pronounced ‘Antennas’) Radio in Montreal and has contributed a wide variety of mixes from across the electronic music spectrum to many different publications.


We stumbled across her Soundcloud after hearing her excellent mix for C- and upon listening to her show recorded for Berlin Community Radio which is an eclectic blend of psychedelia with every selection equally as excellent as the previous, we knew we had to get her involved in some way for the mix series.


Not only has she got an excellent mixing ear but she has also dipped her toe in to the production side of things and has an excellent track ‘Birth of Dot’ featured on the Onmyōdō Cassette label from Portland, Oregon.


Clocking in at just over 75 minutes the mix is a steady builder of house tracks to get you in the mood for heading out for the night.  No track listing for this one but safe to say if you’re a fan of sex mania tags etc it should be right up your street.


As always, a massive thanks to Aso Ani for getting involved and sharing her mix with us and in turn all of you.






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