We are back on home soil again for Minder Mix 090 which comes from Treb.


With a string of upcoming releases due out and current releases on Hilltown Disco, Blotter Records and Nerang Recordings his output is enviable, but it;s not just quantity but quality as well with Malcolm's E being a personal favorite..


In  his own words this is "A mix of some of my favourite club-ready tunes that don’t take themselves too seriously. Recorded after a couple drinks up in Dundee, I’ve aimed to capture the idea of positivity while keeping the selections heavy."


A massive thanks to Treb for getting involved and sharing this excellent mix with us and in turn all of you.



1.Underground Resistance - Timeline

2.Dance Spirit – Contemplation

3.Chaos in the CBD - Delorean Dreams

4.Omar S - Take Ya Pik, Nik!!!!!

5.Craig Hamilton - Let Me Tell YA

6.Big Miz - Solange

7.Fresh and Low - Cool Side

8.Treb - Medusa

9.Mash - Style is the Answer

10.Jerome Hill - Lollypop Lady

11.Karizma - Work it Out

12.2000black - Make it Hard

13.Marquis Hawkes - Like Dat

14.Treb - Slabbin

15.MAP vs DJ Haus - Bang it

16.DJ Octopus - Bug Lady

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